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Creative? Kim (rules/credit in user info)
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Date:2010-01-01 13:46
Subject:Resource Post

This is a list of links to all the brush/texture/gradient/whathaveyou makers that I use in my icons. So from now I on people who download my icons won't have to credit brushmakers, but I will start requiring credit to me. So! As of February 21st, 2005, my rules are changed.

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Date:2006-07-09 01:21

Yea I know I never post icons anymore but I just wanted to remind my uh... very small friendslist that

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Yea I know I never post icons anymore but I just wanted to remind my uh... very small friendslist that <lj-user="iconchorus"> exists and is currently (finally) on it's second challenge. Give it ia look, perhaps? It's an icon challenge community based around all fandoms and the use of lyrics in icons. Yay.

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Date:2006-04-09 22:22
Subject:Ho hum

+One Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
+One Alphonse Mucha
+Three Ewan (One old)
+Four Firefly (two versions of one) [Two Mal, one Inara, one Inara/Mal]
+One (genuinely bad) Mirrormask

Lalala, rules, etc, etc.

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Date:2006-02-17 22:14
Subject:What else?

+One Little Mermaid (old)
+One Sailormoon (old)
+One Saikano(old)
+Two Harry Potter Movies (three versions of one)
+One Wizard of Oz
+One Heath Ledger (two versions)

Check my info for rules!!

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Date:2006-02-14 12:11
Subject:Silly file servers.

Just in case you noticed, my brush files were down for a long time. They should work now. Check memories to find them if you're reading from a friend's list.

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Date:2005-03-21 20:59
Subject:Yet Another Batch <3

--2 Sailormoon (animated one won "Best Adaption" at sailormoon_hush)
--2 Chobits
--3 Saikano
--1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
--1 Promethea

Standard rules stiiiill apply!

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Date:2005-03-18 18:21
Subject:Oooh, icons!

I've been learning lots of things and fiddling so here are somore icons.

--1 Sailormoon (won Most Creative at sailormoon_hush)
--1 Chobits
--1 Tinkerbell
--1 Ariel
--2 Lauren Graham
--1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with alternate
--2 Brian Molko with 1 alternate
--And of course, one Ewan McGregor

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Date:2005-03-16 23:02
Subject:Border Brushes!

16 Border Brushes hand-drawn in Painter8/PSP7 by me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
PSP7 .jbr::Image

Since they aren't zipped, here's the info I would've put in the .txt file:

Brush Set: Border Set 1
Brush Creator: creativekim ( Kim-chan; kimxchan@gmail.com )
File names: creativekim_border1
Credit URL: http://www.livejournal.com/~creativekim or <lj user=creativekim> if on live journal.

Rules: Don't use to create your own brushes that you distribute, please.
          Don't use in commercial stuff because it'll make me sad.
          Don't redistribute.
          Give credit on a resource/credit list or next to the image or somewhere please.

About: Border Set 1 was created because I love border brushes but I wanted some of my own handiwork. So I opened up Painter8 and scribbled some 100x100 border-type things and converted them to brushes. <3 The border with the big swirl and the hanging stars was inspired by Nightmare Before Christmas, and the rest are pretty much random.

Created: March 16, 2005

How to turn image into brushes:
Photoshop: http://www.rebel-heart.net/brushes/x_brushestut.html
PSP: http://www.inxplicable.org/design/brushtutpg1.html
Thanks to 100x100_brushes for that info!

Please comment if you download them or to give me feedback. Thanks!

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Date:2005-03-15 00:38
Subject:Created an icontest community!

Head over to iconchorus to check it out.

It's a free-themed lyrical icon contest/challenge community and I won't start the challenges until I have at least five members. Since challenges will be posted on Saturdays, I'm hoping to have at least five people joined by this upcoming Saturday. Please pimp it out to all your icon-contest entering friends. Thanks!

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Date:2005-03-09 18:16
Subject:Are the stars out tonight?
Mood:I don't care if its cloudy or bright

The standard batch of icons. <3

+Four Sailormoon
+One Legend of Zelda
+One Wish

To the icons, Batman!Collapse )

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Date:2005-03-04 20:49
Subject:Brush Set #2

PSP7 brush::Image Pack

Please comment if you take them or for any feedback! <3

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Date:2005-03-03 00:21
Subject:My first brush post!
Mood: <3

Well, I made some brushes today. And um, so here goes.

PSP7 brush::Image Pack

Please comment if you like them, hate them, or are taking them! Thankee.

Oh, and here's a sample icon I made with them, that you can of course take, even though I am liking it a lot and feel reluctant to give it up. Aww. Hope someone loves it. <3

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Date:2005-02-28 01:22
Subject:Random icons.
Mood: contemplative

Well, joined some icontest communities and... didn't win, so ya'll get to use the icons if you so chose. Also have some other icons trying out new or different techniques. I learned how to make text not in a straight line in PSP, so I'm happy. La. Here we go.

+One FF6 (Celes) with Alternate
+One Kingdom Hearts(Sora) with Alternate
+One Sailormoon (Pluto) for last week's contest at sailormoon_hush, Pluto + Pattern
+One Slayers(Lina) for last week's contest at bishoujo_awards, Magic

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Date:2005-02-24 01:38
Mood: crazy

Heh. I'm bored and feeling like I need to hear some stranger's opinions on my work, so I'm applying at iconfession. This is probably a pretty horrible idea, but hell, if I get in, I'll feel pumped, and if I don't, I'll know what I need to work on so I can create icons people will love to use. I mean, I like creating icons, but let's face it--I don't precisely get a lot of traffic. So! Either way, I'm looking to get critiqued. Actually, anyone reading this is free to comment with your opinions. I'd love to hear them. <3

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Date:2005-02-22 21:17

Got some new icons, whee fun. Don't forget I've changed my rules, so check my user info!

+One LOST icon(the Kate one I forgot to post before)
+One Little Mermaid icon
+One Gargoyles with an alternate
+One Ewan
+Two Alanis

Here we go!Collapse )

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Date:2005-02-19 16:45
Subject:Ewan Icon Tutorial (And Another Icon)

I have been inspired by icon_tutorial and all the wonderful tutorials there to make a tutorial. It's nothing overly exciting, but I think I made a pretty nice icon. This tutorial was made with Paint Shop Pro 7, and assumes some amount of familiarity with the program. It probably ports over to other programs well, as long as they have layers and some way to play with opacity settings and etc.

I created this icon:

Feel free to use it, following my standard rules(see my user info if you've forgotten or just don't know).

If you like this tutorial, please comment. I'd love to see what you make from it if you make anything!

Meat of the tutorial hereCollapse )

I also made another icon,though not with this method, but here it is.

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Date:2005-02-12 20:57

Yea, yea, I know; I thought I was disinterested in iconing again too, but here I am again with more.

Today we've:

+Three more Little Mermaid
+One Ewan with an Alternate
+One Moulin Rouge!

Aww, come on. Click.Collapse )

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Date:2005-02-11 22:03

Was inspired to make more icons today, yay. Am also sharing some of my old ones I or the person I made them for are no longer using. Typical rules apply (see user info).

Behind the cut:

*Six Little Mermaid
*One Ewan
*One Crystal Chronicles
*One Trigun
*One Sinfest

Onward!Collapse )

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Date:2004-12-01 03:19

Boy howdy but it's been awhile! Here are some icons, yea.

Three Crystal Chronicles Related; One Gargoyles; One FLCL

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Date:2003-12-20 15:49
Subject:Hi, dork.
Mood: apathetic

Five more. Dunna why I'm doing them in batches of five.

'Three' gingerbread house icons
One Tomoyo from Card Captor Sakura
One girl from I's whoose name escapes me.

Mmm.Collapse )

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