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Hello! This is my icon journal, so here are my rules for use of my icons:

xx Please comment if you take one, even for later
xx Credit IS required;
--'Icon by creativekim' in the comments or keywords, or 'Icon by LJ user creativekim'
xx Do NOT redistribute my icons on your journal, webpage, or any other way you can think of
xx Every icon is editable, but you must say 'base icon by creativekim' when using or posting.

All icons posted here are free to use provided you follow my rules, because I don't post exclusive icons.

Interested in the brushes I use? See my Resource Post; All brush, texture, etc credit will go there.

I do NOT do requests except on occasion for good friends or, if I feel the whim, I know where to look for people who want icons made. This is just because I can't stand being asked to make something and then I don't get around to it for ages and I feel crappy about it, can't work on any other icons... it just sort of ruins the hobby for me.

I post all my free-use icons here, and also to iconaddicts when I've made a bunch. See my community list for other places I post more specialized icons.

All my entries are archived in my memories with keywords and a description to make it easier to find the type of icon you'd like.

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sailormoon_hush Week 7: Banner by moonwitch